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19th-Mar-2012 01:39 pm
Is bored at the office and decided to write about one of my weirdest dreams so far.

It started with me, in a white car with Farid, Ein and Syd (of course these 3 la kan,hahah!).

I convinced them to let me drive the car (sounds familiar? yeah...), and I think we were on our way to the mall or something, and that was proven to be a bad decision because well, I crashed it. No surprise there, really.

Here comes the weird part.

Nobody freaked out.

Instead, the four of us just laughed our heads off, like this was no big deal. Small matter. Will get fixed in no time.

Then boom!

Enter scene with Awal Ashaari (not sure how to spell the dude's name, not really a fan of his), looking at the four of us with mad eyes, ready to explode any moment. Then he pulled me aside and scolded the others for letting me drive when everybody knew I don't have a driving license, yada yada the usual stuff.

And then he took me to a house, him suddenly dressed in baju melayu and oh! the reason why he got so mad earlier was because it was the day where we were supposed to get engage (!!!!)

I froze there like a (beautiful gorgeous amazing) statue, wondering why, what on earth is happening here, when someone I know called out my name.

It was one of my seniors in uni, kak S who came with her husband (but in this dream her husband was another guy - another senior's, kak D's husband! dun dun dun!). She congratulated me but then I quickly ask her if they could get me out of that place. So we drove off, Awal saw us and he went apeshit.

Then I woke up.

Like, what the F, dream? That was...weird. Not even a fan of the guy. Never cared about him, don't wanna care about him. And the ending...

I was and is still confused.

And like, why the hell was I out with my girls, to the mall on my own engagement day?

19th-Mar-2012 06:16 am (UTC)
Ahahahahahahahahhaha magnae! Terbaiklah mimpi hg!

Hg rindu kami sangat la tu sampai mimpi moment togetherness between us tuh! I terharu sebab I pun rindu. Haha

But I don't know lah why must Awal be your supposed to be fiance. Hahaha. Dah la nak memaksa hg tunang ngan dia plak tu. aku agak la kan, sebenarnya kami 3 tengah dalam cubaan melarikan hg dari majlis pertunangan tu tapi cepat sangat si awal tu mengejar.

Your mimpi is random la weh. Tersedak awal tu hah. Hahahaha

I miss youuuu!
19th-Mar-2012 06:43 am (UTC)
Haha.. yes yang part rindu korang tu logic ar, cause yes
I miss you guys damn much! But what's with getting engage to Awal, nak paksa2 plak tu. I tak minat okay Awal tu.

Kenapa x mimpi Kris ke, Harvey ke, Ashraf Muslim ke. xP

Time mimpi tu mmg agak seronok esp time last2 tu boleh pulak nak tumpang kereta org laen keluar dr majlis sendiri. lol.

Random indeed.

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