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22nd-Nov-2013 10:59 am

( X )

Another dream post involving casts such as Syd, tag_traumer , ecoliere and the SuJu ahjussis.

Cerita ni agak kelakar tetapi in the end jadik sweet because damn Donghae.

[-Donghae, pls-]

It started with me waiting for the three of you at this one building somewhere. Suddenly Shim Changmin, yes that Changmin came out from the door of the building across the street, dancing, with a guy. Then aku pelikla "Changmin??" Then I look up the building, I see Yunho teaching some choreography to a group of trainees. Random. haha

Mungkin kita dekat korea, tapi aku tak rasa tempat tu macam korea pun. haha

Then you guys finally got there when out of nowhere the SuJu guys datang pastu sibuk la minah2 nak bergambar dengan mereka kan. Beofre that, unni teriak nama "Changmin ah!!" then budak tu angkat tangan and senyum kat dia. lol

So Suju take pictures with the minah2, ada fountain pulak tu kat tengah2. lol. All 4 of us pun join sekali kerana unni nak ambik gambar dengan Kangin. Ada Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Heechul and ofc abang Donghae kat situ. Can't recall if Siwon was there too, Syd. hehe.

After the group pictures, comes the individual pulak kan. So I asked Donghae if he wants to take a picture with me, he agreed tapi minah2 lain ramai pulak yang menyibuk kat situ so aku bengang ar tapi since I'm cool, tak mengapa, aku biarkan saja.


aku tak ingat sangat apa jadi. Tapi !!!!!!!

To cut story short, kita semua pegi makan dengan Suju then aku berjalan bersama Donghae and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Twice.

Then I died.

Next morning, I woke up in this wood cabin room Syd and I supposedly share (btw I  noticed Syd is not pregnant in this scene, she's suddenly single here...? mungkin kerana time kami minat suju dulu, dia masih single mingle lol)

Pastu I told her about what happened with Donghae and she and I spazzed for a while then I got a call from Donghae.

We went for a jog and the dream ended with us jogging together.

I don't know where unni and farid went after dinner tu. hahah

Lee Donghae jjang!

( X )

Best mimpi ni. One of my best. Satisying. Donghae oppa, this is why you're my favourite.


( X )

My perfect oppa (X)  , My perfect boyfriend (X)

ETA side note: I hope Haitai is the husband. *evil laugh*
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