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27th-Nov-2014 05:15 pm
cat sohee
Currently down with a flu and it sucks.

As per usual, am writing an entry where I rant about work which I have a love/hate relationship with.
Also, have I moved forward in life? It sure feels slow. Maybe I just lack understanding and patience.

Writing about my undeniable obsession with Arashi as of late i.e 이게무슨일이야???

[Sakit itu kifarah dosa]Life

Trying to buy a house at the moment as my family doesn't own one. Won't start paying for the facility until next year so still have time to save money for rainy days. Half of my pay nanti tu. For 25 years ok.

Tbh if it weren'tfor the life of having to rent i.e constantly moving / renewing rental agreement is hard, I won't be buying a house just yet. I have other bills o pay on top of that. Student loan lagi. One should really have a LOT of money ready to use as downpayment especially with how much a simple house can costs you these days. Things are darn expensive now, kan. Damn lansung takmau discount, that developer. But that's okay, hopefully this long-term investment is worth it.

Consider it as a rezeki. Syukur ok, syukur!

ALSO hey, I turned 27, seven days ago! Woohoot. Sometimes I forget about my own age, sungguh, ini selalu terjadi. Popular question that comes with the territory, WAJIBUL GHUNNAH it'll be asked every year; "when are you getting married????" as if the world depend on me getting married in order to circle the sun. Tapi...,


Stressful, as always and as expected. Comes with this line of work, dikatakan. Always feel like,

When in actual, I'm not. /sadface
Ke mana hilangnya semua confidence dalam diri? I like to blame the management but maybe I'm just not suited for it, they expect too much from me when it's just me alone doing, dealing, managing everything and am sucking at it. But nah, I'm awesome, cannot be me who's at fault. /bricked


Lost some weight, gained some weight, they always fluctuate. Eh eh, they rhymed pulak.

Lately I was made aware of how unfit my 27yo self is. As if the fat I'm building around my belly and thighs is not good enough of an indication...
So I started playing badminton (though, it's only for once a week. haha. Kontrak saya hari Jumaat sajor. Then our sector suddenly showed interest in health so every Thursday, the Corporate Sector's staffs are to join an obligatory  30 to 45-mins work out session with our Head of Division. #FitMalaysia gtew.

I'm not a fan of rigid work out routines so badminton's my fav for now. How I feel after each match


Nowadays cannot stop watching A.RA.SHI okies. From an unattentive and casual fan to watching Himitsu No Arashi-chan, Arashi Ni Shiyagare and VS Arashi diligently, I swear I am reaching Oshima-san's level. I know Oshima-san. That says something. That I am now officially a Jun fan. I am now a part of that circle.

Oshima Miyuki-desu >>

Last night I saw an episode where a female guest mentioned that there's a rumor about Jun's "strong man power" and I just--

then I was like

Kpop would never allow this, on national tv some more. Gilo ar. Although, adik Gongchan kan pernah sewel dulu...Oh biases, good job sangat to you all

Favourite new shows include:

How To Get Away With Murder - this got tired so fast, though stay watching purely for the ever amazing viola davis!!
Misaeng - one of the best realistic drama I've seen. Treasure.
Every Arashi varieties ever especially the ones where Jun and/or Sho failed miserably. Padan muka. Sore loser betul.
I find him extremely hot in that hawaii clip when he's in serious mode planning for Arashi's concert wei. Perfectionist amat!

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